7 Random Things

I have been tagged to do a Random Things Blog by my Cousin Saucy!
Get ready to get to know the real Sassy!
Random Thing #1
If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life it would be raspberries! (Ideally it would be the organic raspberries at my Uncle Derele’s Farm; I am crossing off the days until next July already when the nest crop will be ready!) I often finish off a whole 12 oz basket of those juicy little berries while blogging!
Random Thing #2
If there is chocolate on something I usually pick it off or eat around it. I think this may be the sole McDreamy married me (he loves chocolate!)
Random Thing #3
I like mice and most other rodents like squirrels. I think they are cute and cuddly. I like to give them names like Cheeky, the 32 year old Squirrel who lives in tree # 0624 behind my cabin in Anglin Lake. MCDreamy likes to catch mice in our garage and then let them go at the end of our drive way, he would like to know if anyone has any good tips for getting rid of mice because he just can’t seem to keep them out of our garage.
Random Thing #4
I am a little bit of a germ a phoebe. Before The Sprout I loved the anti-bacterial sprays but now opt for good old vinegar and or tea tree to de-germ my home and belongings. I am also always looking for germ tips/products that are chemical free so please feel free to share!
Random Thing #5
I never leave the house without a lip gloss – if I do by accident I will often return home to get one.
Random Thing #6

I don’t have a favorite TV show and don’t remember the last time I sat for more than 20 minutes in front of a TV even though we have one in almost every room in our house. TV noise drives me crazy, I much prefer the quiet. One of the reasons why McDreamy and I get along so well is because we never sit down, we love to go, go go!
Random Thing #7
I am particular about what I drink. If I have coffee I must have a coke to go with it. Never diet, I can taste that stuff a mile away! I have been trying to cut down on my coke intake; I only have it when I go out. Bottled Water - I do drink it but bottled water tastes funny to me, it is too smooth- I guess this prairie girl needs a little grit in her water! Tea – I love all teas. My sister got me Angel Water loose leaf tea from some hippy place in BC a few years ago and I order it by the truckload. I really believe that special angel water tea calms my soul and refreshes my brain. My good friends found a blooming tea and pot as a special wedding gift which I am going to treat Yoda to the next time he visits.
Now I must ask 2 fellow bloggers to give this a try now.....hmmmmm how about my good Pal at http://www.becomingpresent.blogspot.com/ and maybe even this creative Mama @ http://girlsglitterngiggles.blogspot.com/. I can't wait to see what you come up with Gals!
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1 comment :

Saucy said...

Oh. My. God.

We are SO RELATED. Tell McDreamy he has to do a study on cousins and their brains being wired the EXACT same way and I will tell you about my peevish hatred of Diet Coke, my addiction to raspberries (hello, Derele... Saucy over here... waving!), my fancy tea addiction, my having a lipgloss ON MY PERSON at all times (and yes, stopping to get one or buy one if I am without).

And the germs... oh, the germs! Saucy de-germs the keyboard and the telephones regularly and carries wipes in her bag. Never uses a public phone, evah! Thank Goddess for cell phones and hand sanitizer.

But the chocolate. Saucy lurrves her some chocolate. Obviously we are second cousins in that department.