LOVE Thy Brothers This Holiday Season

And boy oh boy do I love BOTH my brothers! After coming home from a free lunch from the restaurant of brother #1 (The Chef) there was a package hanging on my door courtesy of brother #2 (he is still yet to be photographed properly and named for the blog, ideas anyone?)! New Hair Stuff! What girl does not love salon hair product! Good thing Bro #2 is in the hair care business! I can't live without these goods and have the bathroom cupboards to prove hairdresser and I talk about how much we love using skinny serum in our hair and wishing and wanting to cover our thighs with the skinny serum hoping it will work its magic there too!

What a great day to be a sister! I'll have to get my apron on first thing tomorrow morning to bake up a few of my brothers Christmas favorites to let them know how much I appreciate their kindness! I think it will be traditional gingerbread for the chef, our secret family recipe, and probably moose munch for Bro #2, I know it is his favorite!

I am truly one lucky sister!

Thanks Bros! Happy Pre- Holiday!

( I hope the Sprout is watching and grows up to be a little like the both of you!)


Saucy said...

Bro No. 2 = Hair God.

Jerri-Lea said...

Make sure that you post your recipe for Moose Munch please . . . I was just looking it up yesterday. How funny is that?
The pictures look great! Can't wait to see more.
See you Tuesday!

Yummers! said...

I am putting in a request to see McDreamy in a snowman hat.

You are very lucky to have 2 sweet brothers... and hair products... he's a keeper!Then again... a chef is not bad either. Lucky you!!

Snowy hugs from Wisconsin,

Anonymous said...

Well I wish I got hair products as much as you, they don't seem to come my way very often......Love the Christmas pictures wait till you see ours....

Love Twinny

Niki said...

One brother in the food industry and one in the hair care industry?!? You are one lucky sis. My big bro is a master electrician so free rewiring for me! Brothers are the best (once they get over the whole "tickle you until you stop breathing" stage).

Oliver Rain said...

I am SO spoiled. I just got your package in the mail. Totally not necessary but definitely appreciated. Thank you so much!