How To Make Christmas Gingerbreadmen With Your Dad

Did someone say....GINGERBREAD? Mommy watches me VERY closely and lets me have just a few chomps on these delish cookies. Good thing they are hard as rock and don't break off easily. I really like to scrape my two bottom teeth and make grooves on this yummy little guys leg!
Now let's see how the pro's create these delightful cookies!

Rolling and Cutting......

Putting cookies onto the tray takes practice!

Gretel pushing all on her own. It takes a lot of concentration!

Now into the oven they go!

Waiting, waiting, waiting!

(My compliments to the chefs!)


Yummers! said...

The Sprout is so darn CUTE!!! Especially with a gingerbread man's foot in his mouth.

McDreamy appears to be so patient with Gretel in the baking department. What a sweetie he is!

Is your scrapbooking digital or cut and paste??? I do both. It's hard to tell in a blog photo.

I'm trying to finish my girls' "Sister" albums. They seem endless. They'll be here Wednesday afternoon and evening (Christmas Eve) and then I'll see them for a few minutes on Christmas Day when they drop in at Boyd's parents.
Then the 3 of them are flying to Phoenix and Kristin will stay until Jan 6th. They have a ski date in late January in Colorado. They just go, go, go... like I used to. They've been all around the world including a trek to Mt Everest for 6 wks. How on earth did I get started on that topic?

Did I mention that The Fan left me the same comment. That was sweet of her. Tell her I said "Thank you!"

Back to the albums.
Hugs from the tundra,

Saucy said...

Fabulous work Gretl! Aunt Saucy is very proud. What a big job for a big girl. Those little cookies will be good teething cookies for The Sprout, making you an excellent big sister.