Holy Hotwheels It's a Boys Dream Christmas Tree!

I had so much fun putting together this tree, I just know Foster will love it as he gets a little older! Save your old keys for me! I'll give them a nice home on our tree.

The Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile is my favorite decoration on the tree! It really is a hotwheel! I saw the actual vehicle once down by the avenue C duck pond about 9 years ago.

Don't you just love the "ROAD"! Mc Dreamy helped me come up with the idea of a road garland as we did our Saturday errands. I love his creative side!
Merry Christmas!


Yummers! said...

That is the cutest tree I have ever seen!! It belongs in a magazine article! You are very creative!! Where did you ever find the little signs? Of course, I know nothing... nada... zip... about little boys and their toys.

Who is Foster? Is that the Sprout's real name? Cute!

Adopted-family hugs,
Grammy Joni

Yummers! said...

PS I've seen the Weiner Mobile too. It's such a hoot! We took a tour through the Oscar Meyer factory when I was a girl scout. They gave us little Weiner Mobile whistles. I thought that was cool at the time. Wished I had saved all that stuff.

Also... where is the best place for me to get some quick Christmas Charms?

Anonymous said...

That is one tree that you will have a hard time keeping a little boy out of. It is just screaming play with me. My 6 year old would be in Heaven!

Saucy said...

Yes it would be about 8 or 9 years ago that The Fan and I saw the Weinermobile toodling about town and we tried to follow it! I always bring back those hotdogs from the US by the way they are delicious! What a cute tree! The Sprout will grow up loving it.

Tell McDreamy I like his road idea and next year I'd like him to incorporate some of that orange track into the tree... that should get him scratching his noggin!

Anonymous said...

Love the tree!!! My favourtie part is the topper instant night light. Hope all is well will try to catch up to you this week sometime.

Pam said...

love the tree!...I have tons of keys for you!!

Oliver Rain said...

That is fantastic! I'm sure little Hansel loves it. What a dream tree for a little boy.

Oliver Rain said...

Actually I just realized that it is Sprout's tree!

laura said...

I LOVE this tree. Brilliant idea and even better execution. Bravo!

scrappaleica said...

This tree is awesome! we saw the Oscar vehicle one time in the states driving beside us, gave us such laughs for the day!

I think your pictures from Sheila are awesome! cute family. and just like you I always try and do something a little different on picture day with my hair too! why do we do this? This year, I decided I wanted bangs. And since my hair is really curly I usually try and straighten it!
and I do have to agree with you that salon products are the most fabby!