Christmas 2008 Highlights

Christmas Eve Kinakin Style!
Wings, ribs, drinks, games and family!
*at the best family restaurant in town! David's on Circle Drive, beside Rona! Come on down for wing night on Wednesdays! Aunty Sassy knew nephew #2 and 3 and niece #1 would love the clothes she picked out for them for Christmas!
He he he!
Ok Ok, they are a little small. It took a few tries but Sassy even made tiny little coat hangers and garment bags for the dollar bills disguised as shirts. What a fun way to give a gift of boring old cash!

The Sprout got a special gift of home-made squash.....Mommy loves it!

Nana and her best friend! Hey, what's this a nice big present Mommy sat me beside. I think I will claim it as my very own.

What do you mean it is not mine? I found it first!

I'll just use my super broccoli strength to open it up!

Concentrate now.....concentrate......

Hmmmm, big present or red present....let's see if I can open both at the same time! Nice try at distracting me Daddy, one hand on the big gift at all times!

I really like this mouse, he is very cute.....but I can still hang onto this big one!

Big gift forgotten.....Mom's here!

Tower of LEGO for nephew #3! Hey another mouse, just like the ones Dady likes to play with in the garage!

Thanks Twinny for the new clothes!

Wii family fun on the big screen....

Twinny and her boys (with Santa - Nana) The Sprout can't wait to get those cutie little outfits as hand - me - downs!
Christmas Day!
We started the day with a few presents.
The Sprout just loved his Elmo (McDreamy loved him too!)
Then dove into a yummy brunch. Read the cards on each photo carefully, great job McDreamy, very creative.

Yummy peach yogurt trifles, snowman style! I layer peach yogurt, angel food cake, peach jello, peaches and whipped cream mmmmm!

Fresh cinnamon buns are a Sassy specialty! Hot drinks were ready...
Time for Christmas supper!
Look carefully at the bottom of the photo.
Here's how we chill the white wine Saskatchewan style! (how embarrassing!)

The table is set. I picked up a couple of yards of this flocked material and just serged around the edges. Black, silver, red and green worked well don't you think?
Here is a great picture of The Chef and I preparing our feast. Yoda and The Nana helped out a great deal too. A family of gourmet chefs.....lucky McDreamy!

I begged The Chef to teach me how to make this impressive salad. I can't wait for another occasion to serve it, it was a big hit! Field greens wrapped in a very thinly sliced cucumber with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and cherry tomatoes. (*notice the chefs beautiful and NEW rose quartz toggle and necklace......yes, I had TWO little blue boxes under the tree this year! Sassy must have been a VERY good girl! xox, thanks McDreamy and Sprout!)

After dinner it was play time. Guess how Yoda held the Sprout up to play at his new toy.

My two favorite rockstars.
Wheh! What a great Christmas, I think my favorite part of it all was my two favorite boys!


Yummers! said...

Hey McDreamy's Tiffany gal!
We have something else in common... no, I didn't get little blue boxes... we chill our wine in the snow too!!

I love your pics and text... especially with the Sprout. Your dinner looks yummy... salad looks like a 'Top Chef' presentation. Although, I need to give my husband some credit... he 'plates' food beautifully, too.

Is Nana your mom... or McDreamy's mom??

Don't you just love Wii!! We golfed and bowled until I had sore muscles. Then again... who cares when you have a little Sprout. He's a lot more fun I bet.

Darling photo of your 2 men asleep!

Jerri-Lea said...

Everything looks great! Too funny but so true about the wine... supper looks incredible!
It looks like you have a very Merry and Wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas - lots of fun and terrific looking food! I have been looking for a cinnamon bun recipe - are you going to share?
Tamara (fellow toggle party attendee)

Saucy said...

I had no idea Twinny was in town for the holidays! I missed her.

My computer DIED. Luckily Veto got me a fancy new laptop for Christmukkah but I wasn't really set up to blog on it. It forced me to take some time off I suppose!

Glad you had one of your famous, fabulous Kinakin celebrations! Happy New Year cousin Sassy!


Saucy said...

Oh, and Sassy: please can you send me an email, I lost all of my contacts in the computer debacle.

Jerri-Lea said...

I didn't want to call the morning after New Year's Eve just in case ;)
I think that Friday or Sunday are open, just waiting to see if I can get a stylist appointment. Do either of those days work out. I thought we could have a quick chat about some baby sign and if Sprout wanted to have 'private lessons' or make it an event for his friends too.
Talk to you soon, Happy New Year!

scrappaleica said...

sassy, great pics! we chilled our wine in the snow too!LOL! Of course that is the ONLY way isn't it?

can you post your cinnamon bun recipe, my hubby loves it, and I just don't make them well.

the blue boxes definitely brought you some luscious bling!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, but you forgot to give me some cinnamon buns. Maybe you could send the boys and I a care package with some??????