Christmas Surprise for Saucy, Loopy, Buddy and Veto too!

Here is a game just for fun,
Unscramble the letters one by one.
Call friend if you need,
The Fan is witty, yes indeed!
Come on now and use your minds,
A sweet secret Christmas message you will find!
Loopy play nicely with Buddy, Saucy, Veto and the dogs,
I will post the answer on tomorrows Blog!


Yummers! said...

You are soooo clever!!! What a great idea... and what fun! And the cokies look so pretty in their tin with the M&Ms... mint?? You are one busy lady!

I didn't blog today... maybe later. Just... and I mean JUST... finished the girls' SISTER albums. They are adorable!

The snow is causing lots of problems on the highways and airports. Wendy and Darin are in the air right now.

I got 2 books from Amazon just know so I'm taking a break and curling up with them.

Hope all is 'smooth going' at your house.


Saucy said...

Poor Loopy. She got dropped off at The Fan's tonight and we didn't pick her up until after we got groceries - at 10:00 pm! Who does that? Me. Ugh. She and Buddy are going to work on the puzzle tomorrow morning, STAT! Lurrve it.

Anonymous said...

Happy First Christmas to The Sprout...and to each and everyone in you family from all of us! I have a 'little surprise' for my Sprout - so we need a plan! xoxoxo the fan