Quick and Easy Quiche Recipe

As I am busy getting the Christmas brunch menu completed I just remembered that I have had a few requests for this quick and easy recipe. I have just under 200 mini shells in my freezer that I told McDreamy I'd have no problem using up.....that Costco gets me every time! Here is the basic recipe, I love it because you can add what ever you are mood for!

The Basic Quiche

15-20 shells ( fill each with shredded cheese and then ham, broccoli, onions or whatever you fancy. )
5 eggs
5-7 tbs of milk ( works as a leavening agent like in an omelet)
pinch of garlic salt
pinch of pepper ( I use cracked black pepper because it looks good)
small splash of Worcestershire
Mix it all up using a whisk.
Pour into shells over top of your chosen ingredients.

Bake at 375 for 18-20 minutes, until tall and puffy and ever so slightly browned. They will puff up beautifully and then fall slightly as you take them out. Don't be crushed, just call everyone over to look through the oven door before you take them out!

The Sprout's buddy Jacob LOVES these babies. We'll have to invite Aunty T ( his Mom) over to teach us more tricks that involve sticking our tongue out......yeah, thanks for that one Aunty T! Here is the first time the boys met. Jacob wanted to ditch the party to go look for chicks but The Sprout wasn't in the mood...he loves his Mommy the best! I love this picture!


Nic said...

I am totally going to make those. Thanks for the recipe!! Can you share the biscotti recipe from last year?? I can't find it anywhere and I am craving it.

Jerri-Lea said...

Mmmmm, quiche. Those are so yummy. If you still have trouble using up those tart shells pop over to my blog and make up some eggnog tarts!

Saucy said...

You are such a good cook! We had delicious quiche in Chicago at brunch with our blog friends. It was swiss and ricotta cheese with cranberries - am planning on making minis of it for the season!

See you tomorrow.

sassy studio said...

OOooo! I just saw The Chef and he told me a TOP SECRET secret.......a drop of lemon juice will keep the egg from turning greyish! Oh how I love a chef in the family!

Yummers! said...

Thanks for the recipe... I'd love a piece right now. I used to make quiche but kind of forgot about it. Now my taste buds are reminded. Thanks!

Love the photo of the sprout and friend. Adorable!