Snowman Snack

The Sprout and I hopped into our green sleigh (or Jeep) and sang our way out to Martensville on Tuesday. I had to do the post interviews with the grade 1's to so I can start to compile the data I need to complete our research on Yoga in the Classroom. The Grade 1's were all in great moods and had lots to share as always!
I also worked with the grade 2's a little on another project that involves the students writing a book about a special needs classmate.
The Sprout was his usual charming self and was held and cuddled by many loving ladies! His favorite grade 6 teacher tried to make him hold his own bottle but The Sprout was enjoying the pretty teacher doing all the work......we'll be working on that one (there might be a test next time we are out to visit!)! Thanks for the cuddles Mrs. L!
I took out a little snack of ginger-babies and milk- we all know teachers love snacks! The cups are a "cool" idea for any winter party, a sharpie in two colours is all you need! I got the idea from a candy bowl I saw at Winners while helping The Chef with his Christmas shopping on Monday afternoon.
Sometimes I like to go to Winners just to IDEA SHOP. Do you have a favorite place or site you like to IDEA SHOP? Do tell!


Anonymous said...

Very cute, Sassy! I also 'idea' shop lots at Winners! My other favorite place is at Craft Shows - I am always saying "well, I could make that!" Love your blog. Have a great Christmas. Dena

Oliver Rain said...

I love Winners for idas. My favourite place to Idea Shop is the blogging world. You make such cute things!

Yummers! said...

I think the cups are adorable!! I'll have to make some for my 1st graders in January when the days get loooooooong!

I love the sound of what you're doing with the 1st and 2nd graders. So interesting!!

I think I'm falling in love with The Sprout! I looooove hearing stories about him. More, more, more!

Saucy said...

Winners, Garden Architecture and Design, Blossoms, La Petit Maison, The Nosegay, Urban Barn, The Dollar Store (of course... the best ideas come from there), Pine and Fancy, The Bead Hive... we have to go out prowling together someday in the sleigh.

When in the US: Juicy Couture, Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie, anthropologie (the BEST!)