The Christmas Pickle

Have you ever heard of the Christmas Pickle? My blog buddy JL filled me in on this cute game to play with family during Christmas. I can't wait! Our family is doing an nontraditional Wings, Ribs and Pool Christmas Eve Party at the Restaurant! I can't wait to incorporate the pickle into our fun as well!

Here is a very special ornament from Nana and Yoda for the Sprout. We just love Eric Carle books in this house! Yoda and I have collected over 50 Eric Carle finger puppets that were once a Mc Donald's treat of the week. I love to use to the puppets to encourage language development and creative thinking skills whenever I do an Eric Carle unit in the classroom.


Niki said...

I just love the Christmas pickle; it is originally a custom in Germany. I have a friend who loves to tell the story about her first christmas morning with her then boyfriend's (now husband's) family where after all of the kids searched for 30 minutes to no avail, his parents realized they had forgotten to put the pickle on the tree the night before!

Yummers! said...

We've always had a pickle in a tree as long as I can remember. I notice my girls also put a pickle in their tree. However... I have never read that little story/poem to go along with it. I'll copy it and give the girls each a copy.

You sound justlike I used to..."When I do an Eric Carle theme...". Once a teacher, always a teacher.
Hugs to all!
Haven't answered your email yet as I'm decorating the tree and just took a quick break. I'm about ready for a cup of vanilla chai and a nap. Did you read my blog today? I left you a special something.

Saucy said...

We are Eric Carle fans around here too but alas we never did get the finger puppets. Loopy lurrves her collection of books, mostly from The Fan. We will never get rid of them.

I still think Jerri-Lea's pickle charm was beyond genius! That girl knows everything.