An Ode to The Fan

Ode (from the Ancient Greek ὠδή) is a form of stately and elaborate lyrical verse

The Fan recently left this comment I just happened across on a much admired friends blog........

the fan said...
I thoroughly enjoy the encouraging comments you leave on the blogs of my two girls (saucy & sassy). Your blog is bright and colourful (notice the Canuck spelling!! heh heh) - wish we lived closer so you could visit with all of us! xoxox the fan
December 9, 2008 3:26 PM

An Ode to The Fan......

OH Fan,
Speaker of sweetness
Depth of design
Style and grace right off the catwalk of Milan
You teach by modelling in so many ways
I respect and admire you so much
Just like my Mom!

You and Mom are both always seem to know what your "girls" need. Saucy and I are so lucky to have Mom's you like you guys

Thanks Fan! Happy Holidays!

PS..The Sprout LOOVES his shirt you brought all the way back from the UK. Here he is modelling it for you! It is so soft and warm - just like your hugs!


Saucy said...

Agreed! We both got very lucky on the "mom draw" indeedy! And a fashion statement to boot.

The Fan and I are wondering if we will have any time to see you before Christmas or perhaps we should just wait until the hubbub dies down between Christmas and the New Year so we can give The Sprout some Christmas cheer!

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks...that was mighty sweet of you, darlin'! It's not anything to do with ME, really - it's just that it's easy to be proud of you two girls! xoxox the fan